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Based on a true story

From the shape of the bottle inspired by the one of the hip flask of the squadron 303 pilots, to the Officer and Squadron Leader boxes imitating the ammunition boxes of the RAF,

the Squadron 303 Vodka products respect rigorously the codes of its glorious predecessors. Proud of its origin, the Squadron 303 vodka Brand claims with its roughly luxurious products, an ability to combine harmoniously raw materials and an innovative design.'The Squadron 303 vodka Brand claims with its roughly luxuous products' A disruptive approach in the world of premium spirits that clears the way for the creation of unique products.
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1939. After the invasion of their country by the German army, hundreds of Polish pilots joined the RAF to continue the fight among the allies.
Squadron 303 after duty

The squadron 303 in 1940

One of those squadrons has made History, becoming the most formidable opponent of the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain "Never was so much owed by so many to so few"
- Winston Churchill -
recording the most victories of any squadron in the RAF. Its name, the 303 Squadron. The 303 squadron gave rise to many tales of valour and legend celebrating their combat skills and lives in England. One of which relates that the pilots secretly brought a little piece of Poland with them by distilling their own vodka on the RAF base to celebrate their victories and remind them of their homeland. This unknown great story resurfaced decades after the end of the war with the discovery of a vodka flask that belonged to Walerian Zak, one of the 303 Squadron leaders. This was the beginning of the Squadron 303 vodka adventure.


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"Take the best from history” is the motto that defines Squadron 303 vodka. And it is the principle that guided every step we took to build this brand, starting with the bottle inspired by the hip flasks that RAF pilots carried. We also pondered the constraints that pilots had to deal with. In those days, authorities requisitioned grains so potatoes were the only available alternative. In the interest of convenience, vodka was distilled in small copper stills originally designed to make gin. And time was in short supply, so it was distilled just once and not filtered. John Walters, our Master Distiller in Cambridgeshire, took on the challenge - making vodka from King Edward potatoes, distilling it just once in small artisanal copper-pot stills, and not filtering it. And that is how Squadron 303 vodka came about. The extremely slow distillation process, five-step water filtration and 10-day maturing give this 100% natural Squadron 303 vodka its unbelievably smooth taste. Its suave attack, commanding kick and enduring aftertaste put it in a class by itself, high above other craft vodkas.


White Old

By Yann Daniel

Begin by adding a pinch of sugar in an Old-fashioned cocktail glass,
Then add a dash of Grapefruit Bitter,
Finally pour 70 ml of Squadron 303 Vodka.
Enjoy with some ice or neat.


More fine 303 coktails coming soon.



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Back in the sky

The squadron 303 Vodka inaugural flight


Pilots using the spare fuel tank
to cool down their
handcrafted beverage.

Some RAF pilots had a fun ritual. Before flying, they loaded their homemade spirit on one of the extra tanks of Squadron’s Spitfire. At the end of the mission, the tank was detached to begin a tasting ritual called “The Shot of Glory.” “At the end of the mission, the ritual called ‘The Shot of glory’ could start.”Over time, this ritual became a lucky charm; as legend goes, each Spitfire with an extra vodka-equipped tank returned to the base safely. 75 years later, the 5 founders of the brand decided to bring this historical ritual to life. A Duxford-based Spitfire escorted by 4 Tiger Moths took off in May 2016 to commence the Squadron 303 vodka inaugural flight. This tradition will be kept alive every year to create the ‘Flight Certificate’ Squadron 303 vodka Special Vintage.

"The RAF is NOT a flying circus"

wus British Glass Award

V for Victory ! We're proud to annonce the Squadron 303 vodka won the 'Design of the Year' Award at the British Glass Ceremony. Congrats to our Master Designer Baptiste Massé, Léandre Lafargues and its team from Stoelzle Glass. Cheers everyone !


High Spirit Selection

The Squadron 303 Vodka


The 70 cl. Squadron 303 premium vodka bottle.

303 Squadron leader box


The 303 Squadron leader wooden box
including the 70 cl. Squadron 303 vodka bottle
and five 303 shooters.

303 Officer box


The 303 Squadron leader wooden box
including the 70 cl. Squadron 303 vodka
bottle and five 303 shooters.

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